PM Writing (1) Teachers’ Resource Book with CD-ROM-1片 and DVD-1片




PM Writing has been specifically developed as a holistic reading and writing program. The PM Writing Teachers' Resource Books have been designed to explicitly teach writing skills and knowledge across a range of student abilities.

The specific learning tasks included in the program make it appropriate for use in whole-class, small-group and individual teaching and learning environments.

The PM Writing 1 Teachers' Resource Book contains:

?comprehensive lesson plans based on the Exemplars for Teaching Writing, Levelled Exemplar Texts and Student? Book/Student Resource CD and Interactive Writing Pro Formas CD

?a focus on listening, speaking, viewing and presenting

?writing assessment guidelines

?an analysis of writing samples across the six key stages of writing development-Emergent, Early, Developing, Consolidating, Extending and Advanced

?scope and sequence of learning outcomes across the key developmental stages

?PM Writing Interactive Writing Pro Formas (on CD-ROM), featuring scaffolded pro formas for each of the key text types, ideal for whole-class and small-group use on interactive whiteboards and data projectors

媽媽部落客推薦?PM Writing Teaching in Practice (on DVD), featuring indexed professional development videos that demonstrate teaching strategies for whole-class modelled and small-group guided writing sessions.

STUDENTS: Colour Level: Blue, Green, Red and Yellow

PRODUCT: Discipline: ICT and Literacy | Series: PM | Set: PM Writing | Subject: Literacy and Writing | Teaching Approach: Guided/Independent



  • 出版社:東華

  • 出版日期:2016/06/21
  • 語言:英文

PM Writing (1) Teachers’ Resource Book with CD-ROM-1片 and DVD-1片


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